• Question: do you think humans should be accountable for the pollution in the atmosphere?

    Asked by Leahgroves to on 9 Mar 2017.
    • Photo: anon

      anon answered on 9 Mar 2017:

      Who else can we hold accountable? Our knowledge expands with our needs and thus we create more conveniece for us and inconvenience for the nature. Not fair is it? Pretty selfish of humans to not care about any other species but themselves. If we can create engines, we can surely create smokeless engines and likewise, everything we invent should have to be re-invented in a diferent way, if it harms the species other than humans and the environment too. If we continue being inconsiderate of the environment and its richness, we will surely lose the privilege of being able to have those goldfishes in our fishtanks and watch them dolphins dance. Not cool!